Hens Night

Girls out on a hens party, having a celebration drink in the back of a stretch limousine

Hens Night Limo Hire

Call the girls and get all the Hens together. Your Hens night will be simply awesome in our Stretch Limousine or Stretch Hummer.

Give the bride-to-be a night to remember.

Our professional chauffeurs are  experienced at handling Hens Party transportation.

Planning a Hens night? Let’s not kid ourselves. This is a massive responsibility! But don’t stress.

Planning a truly memorable hens night is well within your power. Whether it is a one night event or you are planning for a full weekend or longer you can be sure there will be times when you need transport to move the hens party between venues. This is where we can support and relieve you from the worry of transportation.

Of course you could choose another method of transportation such as public transport, designated drivers or taxis.  However your hens night is a once in a lifetime event so why not go all out?

Only the Best for Your Hens Night

You deserve the best and we can provide it to you. When you book a hens night limo with us not only will you remove the annoyances of the other methods listed above but we provide transport in such a luxurious and elegant style that you will feel like a celebrity.

Our Sydney Limousine service matches perfectly to the requirements of hens night parties. Our range of luxury limousines including sedan hire cars, stretch limos and stretch hummers are sure to impress even the toughest critics. We can handle groups of any size and our stretch models allow you to fit large groups in one vehicle. This is a sure fire way to keep the party going and not lose any momentum.

A Night of Celebration

Your invitation list may include women that have not met before or maybe old friends who have not seen each other for a long time. Also there is surely a list of tasks that the bride to be will need to complete on her hens night so you want everyone included in the conversation when discussing her next tasks. Our stretch limos are perfect for this as everyone is relatively close and easy to speak to. It’s easy to get everyone involved and no-one gets left out of the party atmosphere.

All our stretch limousines and hummers include bar facilities which allow you to have a drink as you move around town. A nice bubbly champagne is a great way to start the party or keep it going. Also our stretch limousines have state of the art sound systems, amazing disco lighting and LCD screens to keep you entertained. You will feel like you are in a nightclub with all your best friends, only it will be a mobile party!

Travel in Style and Elegance

When you travel with our hens night limo service you will be doing so in absolute style and comfort. Our sexy looking vehicles will turn heads everywhere you go and your entrance to your destinations will be nothing short of spectacular. People will be equally as impressed to see you coming down the street and exiting from our limos as you will be to experience the inside of them.

Professional & Respectful

Our chauffeurs are all very professional and respectful to all of our clients and we want to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience when you travel with us. We will arrive on time and you have the convenience of avoiding long wait times for taxis.

Standing in a queue for a taxi late at night is not something that you need to do on your hens night. No more sleazy guys to hit on you and your friends while waiting for a taxi ride.

Keep Your Group Safe

Be reassured in the knowledge that your whole group will be together as you travel between venues and are getting home safely. Allowing you to enjoy the night and simply have fun. After all your hens night should be a truly memorable experience.

Create an Unforgettable Night

Achieving a quality Hens night takes careful planning and consideration. No matter what you decide to do, whether it be an ultimate Hens party or a more conservative one, trust the professionalism of Sydney Limo to raise the bar. We can help turn your “good” Hens night into an outstanding one.

Book with us and your guests will be talking about your Hens night transportation for many years to come. And don’t forget to ask about our package deals. For example, if you combine your hens night, bucks night transport and wedding car hire you could be in for some fantastic savings!

Hire a Hens Night Limo

Give your Hens Party that extra oomph it needs to go off with a BANG!

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