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Hire A Birthday Limousine

Create a Sydney Birthday Party to remember forever!

Choose your birthday limousine from our range of Luxury Sedans, Impressive Stretch Limousines and the Party people’s favourite – the Stretch Hummer.

Travel around on your special night out thanks to our professional chauffuers.

Birthday celebrations are a great opportunity to incorporate a limousine ride. Whether you are looking to spoil yourself or give a gift to someone, hiring a chauffeured limo as a birthday present is a unique idea that will be thoroughly enjoyed.

But how can you incorporate a party limousine into a birthday celebration? If you are struggling for ideas then read on for some ideas on how you can create an ultimate birthday limo experience.

The Limo Joy Ride

This is a real special treat for the birthday person: A chauffeured joy ride in a luxurious and stylish modern limousine.

First decide who else will ride with the birthday boy or girl, then chose the locations of where they should go and finally decide how many hours you would like them to ride for. Fill the car with whoever is closest to the birthday person such as close friends, family members or just them and their partner for a special intimate ride.

You can be as creative as you like with the locations to visit and the time of day or night to travel. Maybe some sights of Sydney or scenic viewing areas? Possibly you want them to go to some places from their past to relive some memories or maybe they will just be happy cruising around with nowhere particular in mind.

When you arrange travel with us our chauffeurs will pamper and spoil all the passengers. Guests will be able to relax and enjoy the comfort of our luxurious vehicles and high levels of customer service for a simply amazing ride.

Transport To and From The Birthday Event

If the birthday person is having a birthday party, dinner or just a get-together surely they will need transport to and from the event. Even if the event is organised at their house you can arrange for us to meet them at some other location and drive them back to the venue. We can even pick them up from their house and take them on a joy ride to return them back to the house when the party starts.

There is no better way to get the birthday person in the mood for their birthday event by giving them a joy ride in a limousine. The thrill and excitement that is experienced when cruising around in a birthday limo is the perfect addition to any birthday event.

State Of The Art Audio & Visual Systems

All of our limos have modern luxury features to give you the ultimate in travel experience. However it is our stretch limousines and stretch Hummers that have unbelievable Audio and Visual Systems to simply amaze you. Choosing one of these models as a birthday limo will surely impress all everyone on board.

DVDs and Large LCD screens allow you to play your own DVDs and listen to them in crystal clear surround sound. You could even get creative and record a special DVD for the birthday person to watch while riding in the birthday limo. Maybe some childhood memories for their 21st birthday limo ride?

Impressive Inside and Out

The interior of all of our limousines is impressive and breathtaking. Our passengers love riding in our limos and have a great time when they do. You really need to experience the features on the inside of our limos as they are second to none.

Even onlookers watching our limos drive by on the street are impressed by the outside appearance. Our sleek models are very attractive and command a lot of attention.

Give a Birthday Gift to Remember

Organising a limousine ride is a perfect addition to any birthday present or can be given by itself as a simple joy ride.

The best thing about a birthday limo is any birthday is suitable. Whether it be a big one such as a Sweet Sixteen, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th or any other is completely fine. Sometimes the odd birthdays are even better as they are unexpected and always appreciated.

If you want to give a birthday present that will be remembered for a very long time then give us a call and book now.

Create an Unbeatable Birthday Celebration

A ride in a super stylish limousine is perfect for a birthday celebration.

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